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Literacy Sites

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 Integrating technology using literature:


  • Video of Pete the Cat on the computer or an iPad (download from Youtube and leave on desktop)
  • Open on http://harpercollinschildrens.com/feature/petethecat/ - listen to the book being read or watch the video of the book being read
  • Put the Pete the Cat app ($.99) on the iPad - children can play games with Pete the Cat
  • Using a digital camera, take a walk around your school, taking pictures to create your own Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes class book. Could also record your own children narrating and singing the book. 
  • Using your Livescribe Smartpen, record yourself (or from the MP3) reading Pete the Cat on a sound dot and let the children hear the book being read to them 


     Students can access their learning.com account from home.  They login with their student ID number, which is also their password.  Austin ISD is the district name.  The studens can work on lessons that their teacher has chosen for them or repeat lessons to ensure a deeper knowledge of the skill.



     This website is used in the classroom to support thematic topics and research projects.  Discovery Channel sponsors the site and there are thousands of videos that students can watch. 



     This is another great site for reinforcing literacy.  This is a free site and most pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade students enjoy using this site.  Older students who are reading  at a lower level might also find this site helpful.



     This is a district licensed site where children can listen to books, and a variety of other literacy based activities.  The district   username and password must be used for log-in.



     Videos of a wide variety of Screen Actors Guild members read books.  Pictures of the book's illustrations are seen, also.



     This site has a library full of pre-made little books and templates for you to use and or make.  A $40 subscription must be made if you are to get all of the services provided.  Check it out!



     The website is an early literacy site that has storybooks that are read to the students and words are highlighted.



     If your child loves poetry, this is a great site.  THe poems are fun and creative.  Whether you use the site to explore or to inspire your little poet, this site is a must!



     This is another great poetry site.  It includes funny children's poems and poetry books, games, contests, lessons, discussion forums, and journals, plus a rhyming dictionary, streaming audio, school visit information and more.


Biteslide: Make a slide show with pictures, movies, text at http://biteside.com




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