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Technology Websites

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Media Magic

Instructional technology tools


Online Collaborative Tools by Intel   

Online collaborative tools can be organized into eight main categories. Click a category or tool type to access links and information about sample tools and resources. Additional tools may be found in the Intel® Teachers Engage Online Community (http://engage.intel.com), a community for educators that focuses on core topics of the Intel® Teach Program. Explore the Topic by Content folders for the categories of tools.  


Best Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning

     American Association of School Librarians One of the suggested sites is 

Are you searching for technology that will motivate budding and reluctant writers to author the next great story? Inklewriter provides the format for writing interactive branched stories. While students focus on writing, Inklewriter handles the story paths that end and those yet to be developed. Students who love the "choose your own ending" stories will enjoy writing, editing and reading on this dynamic site. Branched stories with the potential for multiple endings will also intrigue those interested in game development. Finished projects can be shared with a limited or global audience at the author's discretion.

A little example: http://writer.inklestudios.com/stories/wmqw



fotor.com Free photo editing tool: Example - teacher uploads a picture and asks the students to answer a question (in blue); in this example, the student answers are in yellow. Students and teacher create a poster that describes their class. This can also be downloaded to your computer as free photo editing software. A nice option when opening the tool is to  create a collage and add text, borders, and special effects to your picture. The final product can be exported to your computer or shared in a variety of ways. There are so many applications for this tool…we are hoping that teachers will want to share their student's work with others on this shared product page.



Word clouds created through text. Kindergarten example: think of 3 words that described you, type the words and your name, then choose a format that pleases you, finally the teacher did a screenshot, which saved it on the desktop


image chef

Similar to wordle, but your words can be displayed in shapes, or on other templates, like the newspaper.

ImageChef.com - Get codes for Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and more   ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com


Big Huge Labs

Make simple motivational posters

Sample of a student product.



Animate a picture by adding a voice.

Kindergarten example - A student has chosen a natural resource to talk about and tell how/why we need to conserve it. An all about me kindergarten example is shown below. In this example a kindergarten child talks or her horse talks about being ridden on a beautiful day


PreK example - A student draws a picture of a turtle habitat and talks about what she knows about turtles.


PreK example - A student talks about his sense of hearing, seen below.



Record your voice on a picture to create talking pictures.

Example of a Fotobabble that could be used as an assessment.



Photo Booth is a small software application for taking photos and videos. Photo Booth is on Apple computers.  Photo Booth for Windows 7

Sample Photo Booth video of a student reading a Valentine's poem.



Simple movies by adding pictures and music.

Sample Animoto of classrooms using Skype.

See how you can set up your iPad using the iLapse app and the Smartscope to catch chicks hatching.



Upload your movies so that you can share them on your website, blog, or with parents. Example of how the teacher and/or students can document learning. This example was taken in a PreK classroom on the day that focused on animals that lay eggs: http://vimeo.com/39546240  The next example was made on iMovie and uploaded to Vimeo...PreK students build mountains and use tools to show how water and wind can cause erosion.



Voice enabled avatar creations. (See sample on poetrytech.pbwiki.com)

What are rocks used for? voki example



Free talk, chat and video. Example of 2 PreK classes taking about their garden adventures: http://vimeo.com/52867080



PicLits.com is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture. A kindergartener was asked to use 3 words to describe the horse picture. If you click on the picture, it will enlarge and you can see her 3 words.

PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com



There are many ways to create artifacts using pictures that the students have taken: invitations, cards, collages, and slideshows. 

Click to play this Smilebox collage
Create your own collage - Powered by Smilebox
Create a digital collage

Click to play this Smilebox collage
Create your own collage - Powered by Smilebox
Create a collage



Upload a picture, or use one of theirs, and record your voice via phone and publish.



recordmp3.org:  Good Morning Friends Example.mp3




Make a digital timeline of documents, videos and pictures

     Capzles - PPT:  This power point gives you a description of Capzles and the steps needed to put together your own Capzles.

Example of how a teacher can document teaching and learning in the classroom: http://www.capzles.com/8e85a9da-aa9d-44e8-b4eb-6e95f6fa6748



Turn any image into a multi-media experience with ThingLink. Add video, images, web links, music, text and more.




Biteslide is an engaging platform to help your students create and present projects. Use their pictures and videos or search them on Google or Youtube. Here is a quick example…it even has a video…can you find it?



Share your presentations.(See sample on http://poetrytech.pbwiki.com/PowerPoint+Presentation)


Cluster Maps

A free site that gives you a tiny map that includes a counter which shows the locations of all visitors to your page.



A network for students and teachers to collaborate and share ideas. Students in this example were shown a picture and asked to say a word that rhymes with it, "What rhymes with red?" The children pick an identity (a picture), so the listener can never relate their voice with a name or a real photo of the student. In this voice thread, the teacher asks an open ended question and the children can use their prior knowledge about Energy in Motion to answer and discuss their thinking. Teachers and/or students who view the VT have an opportunity to comment to the author.



Educational online poster-making application

Samples: Field Trip

               Student Work

               Teacher Made

Technology in Early Childhood

All About Soil Glog, Click on this link to see and hear http://ladybugs107.edu.glogster.com/learning-about-soil/  The picture below is a screen shot of it, but the sound buttons will only work if you click on the link. This tool has lots of applications for teachers and students, alike. I used recordmp3 to do the audio.  


Science 360: The Knowledge Network

Great resource for the latest news in science - images and videos

A child loved butterflies as a child and now, as a scientist, he has decided to learn more about moths. To listen to his story click on this link.



Sign up as a teacher and this license is for in-classroom use ONLYTEACHERS - you may grant the right for your students to use this material provided that it is part of their school work or project. You may also use this material for LIVE presentations at school or on-campus. Any other use of our music OUTSIDE the classroom requires that you obtain a license (this includes use on the internet, use of our music at events, school concerts/fundraisers).



Create movies with the Zimmer Twins. Speech bubbles and character actions help the student create a story that can extend learning. See a sample at http://zimmertwins.com/send/1432106



Using cartoon characters, students can create a story with speech bubbles and actions. Example: http://domo.goanimate.com/go/movie/0NrGndh-1NPA?utm_source=emailshare&uid=0Z_G4akmaZLU


DomoNation.com: Do See What I See? by flaubent

Like it? Create your own at DomoNation.com. It's free and fun!




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