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iPads and iPods

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There are many iPad/iPod apps that are free or very cheap. These are great items for a class wish list.   

iPads - How to Get Started


Using the iPad for Assessing Understanding - PPT (Created by Gail Laubenthal) 


Evaluation Rubric for iPad Apps



Symbaloo - iPad Apps



    Save and Share Digital Information


Click on the Symbaloo picture and check-out some of my iPad apps.


Apps for Spanish Speaking Children


Educational Apps by TechnoScientists 3


Don't forget to check-out the "iPad Technology in EC" PPT in the side bar.   You will find some of our favorite early childhood apps!



HowDo is a library of sets of pictures that visually explain processes such as, how do flowers grow, what makes a rainbow, how do puppies grow and change, plus so much more!  There are 6 categories: nature,  man made products, animals, journeys, fixing things, and development.  Each set of pictures (4 to 9) tells a story and are accompanied by sounds. $1.99


Growing Vegetable Soup - a project that used only the iPad.

The following movie was made entirely on the iPad.  While visiting Gail Laubenthal's classroom one day, I took pictures and videos (all on the iPad) of her class as they made vegetable soup.  (This was an activity that was answered the question:  Where does our food come from?  The class had been reading "Growing Vegetable Soup" and, on this day, made soup.)

I purchased the iMovie app for my iPad ($4.99) and made a movie on the iPad.  I then uploaded the movie to Vimeo and used the embed code to add it to the wiki.




ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard turns your iPad into an IWB. It is so easy to use and young children can draw a picture and get recorded at the same time. You can share it through email and other social networks. The example below was created to assess a Pre-K students' understanding of gravity. This rubric will be used at the completion of the 4 week force and motion unit to check for understanding. 


Sock Puppets is a free app that allows students to create and produce a 30 second "play". You can use it as a "check for understanding" as these 4 and 5 year olds did after a week of rock and fossil studies.


Sophia Talks About Rocks from Gail Laubenthal on Vimeo.


Paleontologist from Gail Laubenthal on Vimeo.



iLapse is a $1.99 time lapse app which can turn a 13 hour event into 1:37 video like this Chicks Are Hatching example.


Chick's Are Hatching from Gail Laubenthal on Vimeo.


Rocks HD is a $2.99 app that can be used with all elementary students. The information and examples are interactive, however, the teacher will have to do some of the reading for younger students. There are also some videos embedded in the app. This is a great resource for any Earth Science unit of study.


What about the old iPod Classics? Some of you might have one in a drawer...guess what? You can repurpose it to use in centers around your room.  Vanessa Levin has some great ideas for using iPods in the classroom: http://www.pre-kpages.com/ipods/ The example on the right shows how a teacher used one as a literacy work station for word work. Note the pocket chart instructions.




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