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Digital Cameras

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100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras 


More Ideas for using Digital Cameras in classroom centers and curriculum areas.


Still Pictures- teach the students to use the camera and report on the "news" of the day. This 25 picture quilt was purchased through Oriental Trading Co. The weekly jobs of News Report and Photographer were a big hit and were implemented in January. The children collaborated about which pictures to print and what they wanted to say about them.


Video - most digital cameras also take video, however, the Flip Camera is a very easy alternative. Students can also use Photoshop, the iPad 2 and iPod Touch to take video. Turning a video camera over to a student can result in a surprising product. 


Weather Center from Gail Laubenthal on Vimeo.

During a weather unit, the students in Gail's class video taped each other as they take on the role of a meteorologist.  Gail uploaded the flipcamera's video to iMovie.  The iMovie was added to Vimeo so it could be added to the wiki.  This took several steps but it is easy to do.


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