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Digital Microscopes

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View a powerpoint of digital microscopic pictures taken by prekindergarten students. This ppt can be used in a game format, first looking at a macro picture, making a guess of what it might be, and then seeing the full image on the next slide. 


SmartScope and a PC = easy to use and affordable. Their website (under the Support tab) also has short video clips of how to use the many different features. Go to http://smartschoolsystems.com/supports/1 to view the videos. This is a great microscope that holds up in an early childhood classroom. If you use a Mac computer, they have downloadable software, too. They are willing to answer you questions by email or phone. 




This is a digital microscopic picture of water flowing down an ice balloon -

                                                                      see the powerpoint for more information.

This video was taken with the Smartscope's time lapse feature. There were some tiny hidden surprises when we played it back!

Hungry Monarch Caterpillars from Gail Laubenthal on Vimeo.



See how 4 year olds use the microscope to explore their world.

Using the Smartscope Digital Microscope in PreKindergarten from Gail Laubenthal on Vimeo.



The iGo is a wireless Smartscope that works with an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or Android tablet. It makes observing nature outside a breeze, as seen in the pictures below:



Students use the wireless ProScope with the iPad2 to look at a toads bumpy skin - expensive, but advantages of being wireless.




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