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Digital Storytelling

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        iPad Apps                      Web 2.0 Tools

   Haiku Deck








  iMovie (Mac)

How Does the Earth Provide Resources

for Living Things?

   Little Story Maker



  Photo Story (PC)


Sample video





Sample Video




Making a case for Digital Storytelling using Capzles: within this example, you will see a digital story about nature.


My Story, My Family - Document -Explanation, Kinder TEKS & Pre-K Guidelines


My Story - Gail  [iMovie] 

This digital story will let you know a little bit more about Gail Laubenthal and some of her passions.


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 81354b1b9f93427b8d9e369dc0a357c5


My Story - Robbie [iMovie]

My Story - Kinderpandas website



My Family, My Story [One True Media sample]


All About Us: Madeline and Addiston - a digital story by 2 kindergarteners


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