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QR Codes

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QR Codes - FAQ


Teacher Blog about using QR Codes.


QR Voice: QR Voice is a free tool that allows you to create QR codes that when scanned will play a short audio message. To create your message and QR code you can record a voice message by clicking the microphone icon on QR Voice or you can type in your message. Either way you're limited to 100 characters. QR Voice is offered in Spanish, English, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Other QR Links:


QR Code Readers for mobile devices.



     For Droids


Desktop QR Code Reader - Dansl Intteractive


  • There are many free QR code readers.  Download a QR code reader app for your mobile device.  These readers will read any QR code.
  • On your computer, register for a free QR code account.  This is where you will make your QR codes. 
  • QR codes can hold:
    •      Web addresses 
    •      Personal information 
    •      Documents of up to approximately 160 words
  • You can also use your computer to read QR codes.  This is a link to a Desktop QR Code Reader for both Macs and PCs - Dansl Interactive.


Recordmp3.org is a recording device that will record an mp3 and automatically upload it to a URL.  This URL can be stored on a QR code and is read automatically!


QR Code Blending Game    

This is a blending game that was prepared with Kindergarten in mind.  Please feel free to download and use.  This is the script:

"I am going to say a word slowly, /m/   /oon/.  Find the picture that matches this word."  The matching card, that answers the question, says, "Moon, good job!"




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